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Coupons for October 16 have been listed.

Any coupons prior to July & not yet expired have been put in the category 'OLDER COUPONS'. As these expire, they will be removed from the website. The insert date has also been moved to this since some customers when looking for a particular coupons also know the date of the insert.

In most instances, we ship same day if possible.

Please ensure that after placing your order that your payment has posted to our PayPal account so we can ship your coupons to you immediately upon receiving your order. Any order without a payment will be canceled since we will not chase after those customers whose payments did not post.

Please feel free to email us with any questions at thecouponoutlet@fuse.net.

For a preview of our upcoming coupons The Coupon Outlet uses the website below. Please keep in mind though that due to the different markets some coupons on this list may not be receive at The Coupon Outlet, but then on the other hand normally we do get about 10 additional coupons that may not be listed on this list website. We just use this as a basis for what is to come & in most cases is very close to what we receive.

Usually this preview is listed by Monday evening prior to the Sunday the coupons will be coming out.


Please check back with us after Friday morning if you are looking for a specific coupon(s) since we should have our coupons listed by then .

Visit the link below before venturing on your Kroger shopping trip to see the register rewards you will be able obtain for bigger deals with your coupons:

At times, some of our customers have not been able to order the coupons they are wanting on our 1st day of our listings because we have been running out of stock before they have time to place their order therefore we may place a limit of 10 - 20 per customer on some of our popular coupons for the first 5 days they are listed. After 5 days, the limit will be lifted. This way we feel that more than 1 or 2 of our customers will also have a chance at our popular coupons.

Please make sure your payment processes correctly & makes it to our PayPal account. If you have a problem when placing your order please let us know by emailing us at thecouponoutlet@fuse.net so we can either help you with it or cancel your order so you can resubmit.

Please get your orders to us by 10 AM on any given day Mon - Fri & your order will be sure to ship on that day. Also, please verify on your PayPal account that your payment did deduct from your account & was sent to our PayPal account - thecouponoutlet@fuse.net

Once coupons are listed on Sunday, no orders will be ready either for shipping or pickup until Monday afternoon of each week so PLEASE if you are picking up don't arrive before you received your email saying your order is ready.

Any order received after 10 AM on any given day Monday - Friday will ship the next day.

Our coupons are free, but you are paying for our time to pull, sort, & clip along with the supplies needed in order to get your coupons to you ASAP.

Please Note: We have changed our website to accommodate those of you that only want a couple or few coupons & are now able to order just 1, 2, 3, etc. If you want 15 or 30 coupons, etc just order that amount. Each coupon is priced individually. Please don't be greedy & grab all of the same coupon. There are others that will probably want some of that coupon also & we only can list the number of inserts from the Sunday paper that we are assigned.

If we do receive more than one order & when possible, we will ship all orders in the same envelope, BUT no refunds will be given on any additional shipping fees for additional orders placed on the same day and/or if we can ship all at the same time.

Your shipping & handling charges will cover our overhead that we will have in order to get your coupons to you in a timely manner.

We are hoping that this change will now accommodate all of our customers especially those that only want a couple of each coupon.

Anyone registered with our site & have marked their account to receive updates will receive an email each week & after all coupons have been listed for that week.

Any order received by 10 AM on on any given weekday (Monday - Friday) will ship on the same day as long as we don't have any problems with the order & we have received your payment by our cutoff time of 10AM.

Because we will be busy organizing our coupons for our upcoming Sunday listings we will not ship any orders after our 10AM cutoff on Friday. Please get your order to us by no later than 10 AM on Friday if you do want your order to ship on that day.

Our Shipping Police is: Any order received before 10 AM on any given weekday (Mon-Fri) will ship on that day. We cannot guarantee any orders will ship after the cutoff time of 10 AM each day, but we will try to get the remaining shipped if time permits.

We have to ask that ALL customers MUST order through our website.
Orders will no longer be taken over the phone or via emails.

The ONLY WAY we can guarantee that your order will be received for us to complete is for you to order via our website & make your payment through PayPal UNLESS you pay cash when you pick up.

Please email us at thecouponoutlet@fuse.net
with any questions.

Please also let us know if you have any problems while trying to place your order since we don't want to lose customer if there is a glinch in the website.


If you are a returning customer that had purchased from us over the past couple of years at this website name (The Coupon Outlet), you WILL NEED to re-register with our site by selecting a new userid & password. Since we had closed the site for a few months, we have found that if you were an older customer & had a userid from our 1st time with the website your old id & password no longer work & you will have to re-register with a new id & password.

If you have problems when trying to order after you register with with your new id on our site, please contact us immediately at our email address - thecouponoutlet@fuse.net & let us know the EXACT MESSAGE you are receiving when trying to place your order so we will be able to get this fixed with our web carrier.

Our listings will be in sets (5, 10, 15, 20, etc) depending on the coupon & you can purchase as many sets of each as you like & not have to wait for us to relist as you did when we listed on eBay. Get all your coupons here & have some BIG BIG SAVINGS when you leave your grocery store after your shopping trip.

We will send out an email once our coupons are listed for the week & will also be sending messages through twitter so if you have a twitter account you might want to add The Coupon Outlet to your twitter account so you will know of all of our deals & when our coupons are listed for the week.

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