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Welcome to The Coupon Outlet

Coupons for the week of July 13 have now been listed & are ready for your orders. There are many good coupons this week.

There are not any coupons scheduled for Sunday, July 20 therefore we will not have any additional listings until the week of August 17.

We have had a change in plans & you will still be able to get your coupons while we are away for 3 weeks. We will not be listing any additional coupons on the site, but coupons from the June & July inserts will stay listed & can be ordered. You can order up through Thursday afternoon & they will ship from Cincinnati, but as of Friday they will be shipping from the Daytona Beach, FL area so please keep that in mind when placing your order so that you can allow enough shipping time for your coupons to arrive.

Anyone registered with our site & have marked their account to receive updates will receive an email each week & after all coupons have been listed for that week.

Any order received by 10 AM on on any given weekday (Monday - Friday) will ship on the same day as long as we don't have any problems with the order & we have received your payment by our cutoff time of 10AM.

Because we will be busy organizing our coupons for our upcoming Sunday listings we will not ship any orders after our 10AM cutoff on Friday. Please get your order to us by no later than 10 AM on Friday if you do want your order to ship on that day.

Many coupons remaining on the website have been reduced 25% off our original price. These can be found under the tab 'Exp. Soon 25% off'.

Some of these coupons may have new versions that we just listed but if you will be using them immediately you may want to save a little bit more by ordering an older coupon. (You will need an additional purchase of $2.50 in order to get the 25% discount included on your order.)

Your discount will appear on the check out screen.

Our Shipping Police is: Any order received before 10 AM on any given weekday (Mon-Fri) will ship on that day. We cannot guarantee any orders will ship after the cutoff time of 10 AM each day, but we will try to get the remaining shipped if time permits.

We have to ask that ALL customers MUST order through our website.
Orders will no longer be taken over the phone or via emails.

The ONLY WAY we can guarantee that your order will be received for us to complete is for you to order via our website & make your payment through PayPal UNLESS you pay cash when you pick up.

Please email us at
with any questions.

Please also let us know if you have any problems while trying to place your order since we don't want to lose customer if there is a glinch in the website.


If you are a returning customer that had purchased from us over the past couple of years at this website name (The Coupon Outlet), you WILL NEED to re-register with our site by selecting a new userid & password. Since we had closed the site for a few months, we have found that if you were an older customer & had a userid from our 1st time with the website your old id & password no longer work & you will have to re-register with a new id & password.

If you have problems when trying to order after you register with with your new id on our site, please contact us immediately at our email address - & let us know the EXACT MESSAGE you are receiving when trying to place your order so we will be able to get this fixed with our web carrier.

Our listings will be in sets (5, 10, 15, 20, etc) depending on the coupon & you can purchase as many sets of each as you like & not have to wait for us to relist as you did when we listed on eBay. Get all your coupons here & have some BIG BIG SAVINGS when you leave your grocery store after your shopping trip.

We will send out an email once our coupons are listed for the week & will also be sending messages through twitter so if you have a twitter account you might want to add The Coupon Outlet to your twitter account so you will know of all of our deals & when our coupons are listed for the week.

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